Most restaurants in Syracuse have a hard time finding the right, local business to buy heir restaurant supplies from. 

Let’s be honest, it can be difficult to pass up on the convince and speedy delivery of some other big box companies. But choosing local just got a lot easier with the Gerharz E-commerce store. That’s right, Gerharz Equipment, Parts, Supplies, and Smallwares added a new e-commerce section to their website allowing customers to make purchases in a convent way and to either elect for shipping, pickup, or free local delivery on some orders. 

Now you can support local and not have to sacrifice ease of use or convenience when you buy from Gerharz equipment. 

Gerharz Equipment has been in business for over 50 years when Dick Gerharz started the business to help his friends in the restaurant industry. That’s why we are in business all these years later, because we are still helping our friends today. 

Some come down and see us or visit us online to buy your restaurant supplies, restaurant kitchen equipment, restaurant parts, restaurant small wares. You’ll be glad you chose local.